We teach several courses to a diverse audience: mathematics students, statistics students, PhD students in bioinformatics, molecular biology and medicine, post-doctoral -omics researchers, etc. Below a short overview.

  • High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Statistical Science Master, Leiden University. Teachers Wessel van Wieringen en Mark van de Wiel
  • Statistics for High-Dimensional Data, Mathematics Master, VU University.
  • Topics: penalized regression, network estimation, multiple testing, shrinkage, empirical Bayes. Teacher: Wessel van Wieringen.
  • Biostatistics, Master Personalized Medicine, VUmc. Teacher: Jeroen Hoogland.
  • Statistics, Bachelor Medical Natural Sciences, VU University Amsterdam. A general introduction to statistics from elementary probablistic concepts, descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, regression, and nonparametric equivalents of the latter. Teacher: Wessel van Wieringen.
  • Advanced Biostatistics. Bachelor Medical Natural Sciences, VU Amsterdam. Statistical modelling and analysis of from cellular molecular processes, using various types of graphical models: Markov chains, hidden Markov chains, phylogenetics trees, Gaussian graphical models. Teacher: Wessel van Wieringen
  • Several statistics courses for medicine students and medical informatics (VUmc/AMC)
  • Course on causal inference in the EpidM postinitial Master on Epidemiology. Teacher: Thomas Klausch