Supporting AUmc research


We give statistical support to AUmc researchers. This may be needed at various study stages, such as for:

  • study design: minimal sample size determination and power analysis, as well as considerations in terms of variables to measure, both clinical and technical, that may be considered later on when analysing the data
  • data pre-processing: exploratory data analysis, to check for technical and biological sources of variation, and possible data scaling to allow for using desirable statistical approaches
  • data analysis: we have large expertise in analysis of high-dimensional and big data, in particular also for complex (longitudinal) designs

Our analyses include: preprocessing (e.g. normalization), exploratory analysis (like clustering), differential expression testing, longitudinal modelling, survival prediction, classification, marker selection, network analysis, integration, dedicated Bayesian modelling, deconvolution, record linkage, causal inference, etc....

Consultancy request
AUmc researchers interested in a meeting should fill in a form requesting consultancy, available here (in Dutch).