Supporting VUmc research



We give statistical support to VUmc researchers. This may be needed at various study stages, such as for:

Our analyses include: preprocessing (e.g. normalization), exploratory analysis (like clustering), differential expression testing, longitudinal modelling, survival prediction, classification, marker selection, network analysis and integration.

Data types

Our focus is in studies involving omics data, and we have vast experience with many data types. In our group we consider a wide variety of omics data.

Many of us have started working with omics data produced by microarrays, such as DNA copy number, RNA expression and even DNA methylation and microRNA expression. We have vast experience in both pre-processing and analysis of such data.

Currently, most omics profiles are obtained via next-generation sequencing (NGS). Analyses of omics profiles produced by NGS are performed routinely by our group, including that of DNA copy number and methylation, RNAseq and microRNAseq. We also perform some pre-processing, after data alignment.

We also regularly handle (whole-genome) RNA-interference screens data, metabolomics data, and microbiomics data, from pre-processing to analysis.

Consultancy request

VUmc researchers interested in a meeting should fill in a form requesting consultancy, available here (in Dutch).