Stéphanie van der Pas


My research is mainly in the field of causal inference, with a particular focus on variable selection, sensitivity analysis, survival outcomes, regression discontinuity designs and data fusion.


NWO Veni grant (2019): Are you sure you didn’t miss something? Sensitivity analysis and variable selection for causal inference. 

Selected publications

A full list is available on Google Scholar.

V. Rockova, S. van der Pas (2020). Posterior concentration for Bayesian regression trees and forests. Annals of Statistics 48 (4), 2108-2131. 

S. van der Pas, R. Nelissen, M. Fiocco (2018). Different competing risks models for different questions may give similar results in arthroplasty registers in the presence of few events. Acta Orthopaedica 89 (2), 145-151.

S.L. van der Pas, B.J.K Kleijn and A.W. van der Vaart (2014). The horseshoe estimator: posterior concentration around nearly black vectors. Electronic Journal of Statistics 8 (2), 2585-2618.

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