Integration Symposium

The next symposium on methods for Integrated Analysis of multi-omics data will be held on November 19th 2018 at the LUMC, building 2 (research building/onderzoeksgebouw) room T-00-012, which is on the ground floor.

The speakers are:

Soufianne Mourragui (NKI & TU-Delft), on the use of transfer learning methods

Wessel van Wieringen (VUmc), on Using prior information in penalized estimation of graphical models

Mitra Ebrahimpoor (LUMC)

Renaud Tissier (VUmc) on his take of multi-omics integrated analysis methods

The meeting is from 10:00 until 16:00, with plenty of time for discussion.

If you are interested in attending it, please contact Renee Menezes (r dot menezes at vumc dot nl).