Integration Multi-Omics analysis - Workshop and Symposium

Organized by: Renee Menezes (VUmc) and Perry Moerland (AMC)

Omics technology has revolutionized molecular approaches towards understanding (human) disease. Unfortunately, data stemming from various omics platforms, such as genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, tend to be analyzed separately. To fully harness the power of these big data, a simultaneous analysis is required. This two-day event aims to bring up and discuss the latest methodology for doing so.

The symposium on state-of-the-art methods for integrated multi-omics analysis will take place on November the 24th 2017 at the AMC, room Costerzaal G0-209. As keynote speaker, we will have Jack Kuipers from the Computational Biology group at ETH-Zurich. It will be preceded by a workshop on November the 23rd on front-line methods to explore multi-omics data, which will have keynote speaker Joaquin Vanschoren from the Eindhoven University of Technology, and will take place in the same room, Costerzaal G0-209. The description and detailed program for each day can be found below.

Workshop (23rd November)

For researchers interested in learning front-line methods to explore multi-omics data. The full program is:

8.30 Welcome and coffee

9:00 Session 1: Weighted Gene Co-expression Analysis (WGCNA) & (Sparse) canonical correlation analysis, by Koos Zwinderman (AMC) and Perry Moerland (AMC)

12:00 Lunch

12.45 Session 2: Methods for network reconstruction using omics data, by Wessel van Wieringen (VU/VUmc) and Carel Peeters (VUmc)

16:00 Joaquin Vanschoren on Open, Reproducible Machine Learning Research

Each workshop session will involve a lecture followed by a hands-on session, during which participants will get a better feel for the methods by practising on their own laptops. Both sessions will be based in R ( If you are taking part in the workshop, please make sure you prepare your laptop following these instructions. In addition, the abstract for Session 2 can be found here, which includes links to the course material.

The day will close with a talk by Joaquin Vanschoren (Eindhoven University of Technology) on "Open, Reproducible Machine Learning Research". Joaquin's research focusses on the progressive automation of machine learning. He has founded, a platform for networked machine learning research used by researchers all over the world.

For more information on the content, please contact the organizers via

Symposium (24th November)

Here we will have talks and discussions on various approaches to quantitative multi-omics data analysis, from a wide variety of viewpoints. During the lunch break we will have a poster session, where researchers are encouraged to display their work. The full program is:

9:00 Welcome and coffee

9:30 Introduction (Perry Moerland, AMC)

9:45 The helicopter view: combined effects of DNA copy number and methylation on gene expression (Renee Menezes, VUmc)

11:00 Omics data integration for response prediction (Lodewyk Wessels, NKI/TU-Delft)

12:00 Posters and lunch

13:30 Sparse canonical correlation analysis and sparse redundancy analysis, and their application on various multi-omics data cohorts (Koos Zwinderman, AMC)

14:30 Integration of brain-omics data and psychiatric trait genome-wide association studies: Tissue matters, summary data often beats raw data, sufficient statistics are king (Michel Nivard, VU)

15:45 Keynote speaker: Single-cell phylogenetics: current challenges and future directions(Jack Kuipers, ETH-Zurich)

16:45 Closing and drinks

Both events are now fully booked. For more information, please send an email to

Information about how to get to the AMC can be found here, and directions to the Costerzaal can be found here.