Carel F.W. Peeters


Biostatistician specializing in multivariate and high-dimensional molecular biostatistics. Current interest lies with the network-integration of omics data. The aim is to integrate (i) mutiple datasets than span disease subtypes as well as (ii) data sets from multiple omics platforms in order to uncover information on the role of molecular pathway-deregulation in human disease. Areas of application include oncogenomics and the metabolomics of neurodegenerative disease.

Selected Publications

Peeters, C.F.W. (2012). Rotational Uniqueness Conditions Under Oblique Factor Correlation Metric. Psychometrika, 77: 288-292. Publisher Version

Peeters, C.F.W., Bilgrau, A.E., Eriksen, P.S., Boegsted, M., & van Wieringen, W.N. (2015). Targeted Fused Ridge Estimation of Inverse Covariance Matrices from Multiple High-Dimensional Data Classes. Arxiv Preprint version

Peeters, C.F.W., Dziura, J., & van Wesel, F. (2014). Pathophysiological Domains Underlying the Metabolic Syndrome: An Alternative Factor Analytic Strategy. Annals of Epidemiology, 24: 762-770. Publisher Version

van Wieringen, W.N., & Peeters, C.F.W. (2016). Ridge Estimation of Inverse Covariance Matrices from High-Dimensional Data. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 103: 284-303. Publisher Version | Arxiv Preprint version


rags2ridges: R package for (integrative and meta-analytic) graphical modeling