Renee X. de Menezes

I am a biostatistician with a passion for methods that solve data-driven problems. A strong believer of model-based data analysis, I strive to build realistic (parametric) models that avoid over-complexity. I mostly work with high-dimensional data, and my main research interest lies in methods for simultaneous analysis of many high-dimensional data sets.


Selected publications on simultaneous analysis


Menezes, Mohammadi, Goeman and Boer (2016). Analysing multiple types of molecular profiles simultaneously: connecting the needles in the haystack. BMC Bioinformatics 17: 77. link

van Iterson, Bervoets, de Meijer, Buermans, 't Hoen, Menezes and Boer (2013). Integrated analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression: adding biological significance to microRNA target predictions. NAR 41: e146. link

Menezes, Boetzer, Sieswerda, van Ommen and Boer (2009). Integrated analysis of DNA copy number and gene expression microarray data using gene sets. BMC Bioinfomatics 10: 203. link


Selected publications on sample size and power methods


van Iterson, van de Wiel, Boer and Menezes (2013). General power and sample size calculations for high-dimensional genomic data. SAGMB 12: 449-67. link

van Iterson, Boer and Menezes (2010). Filtering, FDR and power. BMC Genomics 11: 450. link


Recent software

Rscreenorm: from manuscript "Rscreenorm, a novel normalization method to analyse multiple genetic screens". windows and linux binary  source